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Dolce Smart Bin 17L

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  • Dolce Smart Bin 17L: What is included?
  1. Dolce Smart Bin 17L
  2. Trash bag refill carton worth SGD 24.90 (est. 6 months usage)

How to use:

  1.  To seal the trash bag - Hold button for 2 seconds, and wait for the bin to auto-seal
  2.  The Bin will auto open once it's done. Remove the sealed trash bag and press button 1 time to refill the trash bag

Dolce Smart Bin 17L: Revolutionize Your Waste Management


Introducing the future of waste management with our cutting-edge Dolce Smart Bin 17L.

A revolutionary innovation that transforms how you manage and dispose of your garbage.

This intelligent device combines convenience, hygiene, and sustainability in one sleek and efficient package.

Dolce Smart Bin, 17 Liter, Water Resistance Bin

🌟 Patented Automatic Packing and Sealing: Enjoy a truly hands-free experience as our patented technology seamlessly packs and seals your trash, making disposal effortless maintaining a odorless & hygienic environment.

Smart Bin, Auto-Sealing, Patented Technology 

🌀 Built -in High Speed Fan: Experience maximum capacity utilization with the high-speed fan that automatically suctions trash, optimizing the 17L full capacity.

17 liter smart bin

♻️ Automatic Bag Change and Airtight Suction: Say farewell to manual bag replacements. Our Smart Bin performs automatic bag changes, ensuring an airtight seal for a clean environment.

Automatic trash bag change, replace bag automatically

🚿 IPX3 Water Resistance & ABS Material: Built with tough and impact-resistant ABS material. To endure bathroom conditions, our Smart Bin boasts IPX3 water resistance, safeguarding it against water splashes.

Water Resistance smart bins

📦 Dedicated Trash Bag Refill Box: Convenience at your fingertips. Our Smart Bin comes with a dedicated refill box, supporting up to 25 bag replacements.

Smart Trash Bag replacement

🤖 Inductive Sensor for Touchless Operation: Experience the future of waste disposal with the inductive sensor. Simply wave your hand, and the lid opens automatically, offering a hygienic and convenient operation.

Inductive Bin Sensor

🚨 Automatic Overload Package: No more guessing when it's time to empty the bin. Our Smart Bin automatically signals an overload when it's full.

Automatic signals trash bag full and seal bag for bin

🔋 Long-lasting Power: Powered by a 2-pack of 2000mAh lithium batteries, enjoy up to 60 days of standby time on a single charge.

🔌 USB Type-C Charging Port: Stay powered up with ease. The USB Type-C port supports faster charging and higher power delivery, enhancing your overall experience.

🔋⚠️ User-Friendly Charging: For the initial use, charge for 3.5 hours. The button LED conveniently turns orange/red and emits a 'beep' when the battery is low, indicating the need to charge.

🛒 Upgrade your waste disposal experience with the Dolce Smart Bin 17L - the epitome of efficiency, cleanliness, and eco-friendliness. Embrace the future of smart, hassle-free waste management and elevate the way you handle your trash.